Real Invest

Available on the App Store

Real Invest is a powerful, yet easy to use, tool for the residential property investor with an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Just enter some basic information about a home and Real Invest will provide a detailed analysis. Use Real Invest in the field to get some property information automatically. Multiple homes are supported and presented in the property list.

Real Invest does the tedious work of deriving key analytics, enabling the savvy investor to get the basic information about the potential financial returns for a given property and make the appropriate financial decisions. Real Invest leverages the camera and location services if available on the device (iPhone, iPod touch or iPad), but they are not required. Properties are entered automatically based on your location or manually entered.

There are customizable settings so the investor can set default property information, used when adding new properties, including the desired minimum internal rate of return as the investment threshold.

-Enabled for iCloud.
-Uses Zillow Web Services to get property information.
-Set default basic information.
-Add properties using your location or by brief presses on the actual property in the map views.
-Multi-year analysis at the tip of your fingers.
-Evaluate multiple properties.


Real Invest settings can be set with the standard iPhone Settings app. The first section contains your preferences for iCloud, Closing Cost rate, Minimum RoI rate, and your tax bracket.

iCloud enabled turns iCloud synchronization on or off.

Closing Cost rate is included in the calculations for initial investment.

Minimum RoI rate is the minimum return on investment in the third year to get a “green light” on the property.

Tax Bracket Rate is your tax bracket and is used in determining after tax cash on cash and rate of return.

All the remaining settings are default values when adding a new property. These can be customized to your area and/or the current housing market norms. Setting these appropriately can save you time when adding a new property, minimizing the information that would have to be changed immediately after adding a property to what is specifically unique about the new property.