iOS 6 and updated versions of our apps

BuyHomes, Bar Tracks and the M7 Planner have all been updated for iOS 6!

Apple’s iCloud synchronization has been introduced to Bar Tracks and the M7 Planner, with an iCloud settings view right in the app. BuyHomes iCloud settings can now be enabled or disabled in the Settings app.

The M7 Planner now also supports Reminder and Calendar integration with your tasks. Simply tap on the reminder or calendar icons to set up a reminder for your task or schedule your task in your calendar, respectively.

Like Bar Tracks and the M7 Planner, BuyHomes is now a universal app – meaning that the app leverages the full screen size of the device it is running on. The iPhone only version of BuyHomes has been taken off the market. However, this new version of BuyHomes provides an improved look and some analysis revisions for more accurate evaluations.

— John Montiel