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John has been developing and designing software since 1982. As a software architect for a Fortune 500 company for 23 years, he deployed systems across the technology spectrum. John is a creative, bright and forward thinking professional. He is prolific in the development and implementation of new technologies and he continually demonstrates the communication skills and design sensibility required to work through the creative process. He is a leader in collaborative situations and his ability to think critically and express himself is evidenced in his work.

BuyHomes Update!

My BuyHomes and BuyHomesHD apps have updates available in the App Store today. These updates require iOS 5, Apple’s latest update to the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touches with support for iCloud – a FREE service!

BuyHomes will now keep your Homes List in sync across all your iOS devices. Add a property to BuyHomes on your iPhone and moments later it will also be presented on BuyHomes on your iPad – and vice a versa.

BuyHomes is Available on the App Store

BuyHomesHD is Available on the App Store

Download the latest version of iTunes to update iOS 5 on your iPhone and iPad. Apple has made these updates available today.


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Francine, Ed and Phillip continue to provide mentoring services at Gangplank, though their schedules may change. Please email Katie Charland at Gangplank to schedule a session.KnottyJohn


Entrepreneurship Coaching at Gangplank

I recently attended Entrepreneurship Coaching, at Gangplank, that was underwritten by the not for profit group Opportunity Through Entrepreneurship Foundation. I highly recommend visiting the Gangplank and taking the opportunity to attend the various free programs offered there!

Gangplank is located at 260 S. Arizona Ave., Chandler, AZ 85225. I have a standing meeting with a colleague there on Tuesdays and he recommended I attend the coaching sessions with him. The sessions I attended (I began midway through the course) covered pivoting, cash-flow, culture and funding. The material and ensuing discussions gave me valuable information that I put to use immediately! The tools and information are great for a business in the early stages. However, one of the best benefits is the networking opportunity! The willingness of the attendees and the presenters to share resources to help one another to succeed was simply eye opening and amazing!

I plan to continue my Tuesday meetings and attend more programs at Gangplank. Maybe I’ll see you there!KnottyJohn