Montiel Mobile App Development

I’ve been developing software since the mid eighties. I’m certainly giving up my age there. I learned COBOL at school and on a Honeywell GCOS operating system working for a subsidiary of Dow Chemical. COBOL was the primary language I used for over 2 decades at American Express on the IBM mainframes, developing for batch and online applications in CICS and IMS environments. I also dabbled with DOS based workstation applications (apps in terminals), the Web and Internet technologies, and foreshadowing the passion of my career, a yearlong stint with a handheld tablet and a c++ based operating system and development environment created by Go Corporation. My mainframe career came to a halt in 2009, a couple years after the initial rollout of the iPhone and subsequently the App Store. I saw how Apple was growing a vast developer community and creating a new market.

I knew I had to be part of the mobile development community. So I mentored with seasoned Apple developers, freelanced, contracted as well as take full time positions for the next several years. Overall, it’s been a fantastic journey for me.

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